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Drill collar and Drilling Equipment

Drill collar and Drilling Equipment

Inspection Procedure

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) for D.C and HWDP

This inspection detects all defects extending to the surface and representing external damage or actual parting of material:

  1. Protectors are removed and threads cleaned.
  2. Threads and shoulders are inspected magnetically and visually fur cracks and other defects.
  3. Small defects are removed by means of grinding or fishing off.
  4. Small defects on the thread shoulders are removed and shoulders trimmed.
  5. Threads are inspected by means of profile gauge for pin elongation and box expansion.
  6. D. and I.D. are checked for with tolerances.
  7. Threads are lubricated and protectors reinstalled.
  8. The tools are marked and an inspection report prepared.
  • Crossover, Stabilizer, Fishing tools, Kelly and core barrel MPI- Full length

A transversely oriented magnetic field is induced into the tube and iron powder applied to its outside surface. The powder is attracted to areas of variation in the magnetic field created by Longitudinal or three dimensional defects, thus outlying the defects. Depth of the defect is then determined by grinding to the point of maximum penetration and measuring with an accurate depth gauge.

  • Cross Over, Stabilizer, Fishing Tools, Rig Parts, Etc… Magnetic Particle Inspection of End Area

Same inspection procedure as specified under service code T-401.

  • Magnetic Practical Inspection of Elevators Tongs, Masts, Etc…

A magnetic field is induced into the material and the liquid suspension method applied to locate injurious service included defects.

  • Dye Penetrant Method Inspection of Non Magnetic DC and Rig Parts

On threads only.

  • Dye Penetrant Method Inspection of Non Magnetic D.C

-By area.

  • Shoulders Refacing, Drill Collars Cross-Overs, Kellys Etc…

Utilizing a centered grinding tool nicks, gouges, pits and other imperfections are removed from the seals of connections of the above material. The amount of the material removed is carefully controlled by the use of vernier gauges to meet with specifications

Inspection After Machine Shop Repair

Dimensional Inspection and Magnetic Particle Inspection performed to API specifications of dimensions