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High quality services In Tuboser, we observe the ethical standards and principles set by those associations and bodies of which we are a member and these set standards for the core businesses in which we operate

We got many certificates since 1993-2021

Safety First

Safety is ingrained in everything we do, withouth compromise.


Uncompromising standards of integrity  and ethical conduct.


Supports continuous growth and improvements.

Who we are, what we do ?

We are a third party oilfield inspection company. Based in Sfax, Tunisia, the company’s inspection activities focus on drill pipe elements, BHA, tubulars and lifting equipment. The inspection services cover all oil and industrial standards.

Founded in 1993, TUBOSER is considered as one of the most active oilfield inspection company in Tunisia and North Africa.

We only employ the most highly qualified technicians and engineers to ensure that each job is performed to the highest standards, each and every time. Our success depends on the skill and commitment of our TUBOSER colleagues, which is why we support them with the best training, equipment and technologies in the industry.

Our people are essential to the successful delivery of the TUBOSER strategy and to sustaining business performance over the long term. Performing competitively in oil and gas requires competent and empowered people working safely together at TUBOSER.

We believe that diverse teams led by inclusive leaders deliver better safety and business performance.

Our quality management system requires training and documentation based on the specific technical requirements of the job. That means the technicians and the engineers working on your equipments have been trained in the specific service area in which they perform the work. As a result, our team is able to expertly provide solutions for even the most difficult challenges.


Why choose us ?

  • What we do

TUBOSER provides Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), materials testing and welding services for a diverse range of industries.

TUBOSER is managed by a team of professionals who has collected an extensive experience and understanding of the full range of inspection activities, testing and specialized services.

  • Expert Inspectors

We employ only the most qualified technicians and engineers to ensure each and every job is completed to the highest standards every time.

  • Safety First / Quality Always

At TUBOSER, we believe that maintaining the highest quality standards is what drives our success. We aspire to excellence in health, safety and environment (HSE) performance by creating and maintaining a culture of zero harm. The objective of our Quality and HSE Policy is not only to satisfy, but also to exceed the expectations of our clients and our employees by providing a quality service.

To ensure the constant improvement of our products and services, we have developed the TUBOSER Quality & HSE Management System. The Quality & HSE Management System is continuously reviewed to keep pace with new technology, standards, regulations and codes of practice, and it also comprises the skills of our personnel. TUBOSER provides services for the oil and gas industry in strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

We believe that business success depends on our ability to continually improve the quality of our products and services while protecting people and the environment.